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A photo of Sarah Tingmiak sitting at a desk working on some fur. Also can seea sewing machine in the background

A photo of Slim Semmler stretching muskrats, well he is sitting down on a chair.

The photo shows a man dancing away with a few drummers playing in the Signing ceremony in Sachs. The photo includes: 1. Silas K. , 2. Old Raddi Kowachuk, 3. Alex Gordon, 4. Amos Paul, 5. Ralph Kimiksana, 6. Jean Arey.

A photo of Agnes Nigiyok (foreground) and Ida Kungayuna (background) in a room with many different kinds of fur on the table.

The photo shows a women in the Holman Crafts shop packing up some crafts into a box.

A photo of George Okheena Holman kneeling on the floor holding a fox fur with many more on the floor as well.

The photo shows a table full of crafts and furs with many people standing around the table looking at it. The photo includes: 1. Donna Ann Rogers, 2. Annie C. Gordon.

A photo of Agnes Semmler from Inuvik sitting down on a chair with some kind of fur hanging up behind her.

The photo shows a display that has many different types of fur hanging up on the wall, asking you to touch the fur.

The photo shows a few women crafting some fur garments at the Tuk Fur Garment Shop.

The photo shows the Tuk Fur Garment Shop that inlcudes some mukluks, mitts, slippers, parkas, and a few other things.

The photo shows Ella Nasogaluak looking at a binder surrounded by fur creations at the Tuk Fur Garment Shop.

A photo of Clara Phillips sitting in a sled with fur all around on a float for the parade.

The image shows the remains of a caribou after being cut up at Ren Lake slaughter.

A photo of a man cutting up a caribou carefully. Open slaughter of caribou.

A photo of Joseph Pokiak cutting up a caribou for its meat.

A photo of Simone Goose dressed in traditional clothng, holding a fur.

A photo of Fred Carpenter holding a fur and Tommy Goose talking to each other with a fish net in front of both of them.

A photo of Simone Goose (adopted by Diamond & Christina Klengenberg) Nasarnik pulling Louie Goose on a little sled.

A photo that includes Mrs. Nellie Hodgson, Jeffery, and Rosalin sitting on a couch in a house.

A photo of John and Nellie Hodgson in their house in Inuvik.

A photo of elder Mary Teddy sitting on the floor, working with some fur.

A photo of Roy Kungisuk standing beside a fur skin. Credit: Agnes Goose

A photo of Ilaviniq-Wallas Goose's grandfather, and Ole Anderson-showing some of the furs they have outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo if an unidentified child, Richard Igiluriatchiaq”(Hugh's son)”, showing some of the furs outside a log cabin. Credit: Martha Harry
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