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Aklavik (June `72).jpeg
Aerial photograph of Aklavik partially flooded from overflow of the river after spring's ice break up, June 1972.
Donald Kaglik is continuing to share stories of his memories of his younger days of muskrat hunting, of his travels, a comical bumble bee story, high water and camp flooding, working for wages, of when the government divided up hunting and trapping…
Yesterday Before’s host Louie Goose airs Donald Kaglik who is sharing his memories of the winter and spring of 1956.
Laura Lucas is completing the final part 3, of her life stories.
Laura Lucas is telling her life stories. Part 1. To be continued.
Persis Gruben is storytelling about when she lived a nomadic lifestyle with her parents then later moving to Tuktoyaktuk, of travelling with dogteams and use of dogs. Persis also shares stories of when they first got skidoos, of hunting and trapping…
Persis Gruben continues to tell stories of she and her family’s travels, of various families and people, of the big houses belonging to the police and Hudson’s Bay, of various the types of homes that Inuvialuit lived in, of the big flu that…
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