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Cathy Cockney is interviewing Charlie Soupay about his family genealogy
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue to interview Agnes Carpenter about her personal lifestyle long ago as well as Inuvialuit lifestyle long ago. Agnes shares more memories and stories of her younger days. To be continued.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Lawrence and Beverly Amos who are telling personal and historical stories about theirs and other’s lifestyle long ago.
Nicholas Uluariuk is storytelling about his lifestyle from his younger days.
Agnes White interviews Alice Tunu Felix about her lifestyle from her younger days. Alice also shares memories and stories from long ago.
A video of Geddes Wolki being interviewed about his training to become an engineer, his duties at Weldco, and his family and community.
An interview with Sam Raddi about the changing society. Here, he compares the traditional way of living to the modern day culture.
This video is about the education system in Inuvik, NT. It includes interviews with Will Kunder, Roy Menagh, and Pauline Gordon, educators from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School and Samuel Hearne Secondary School.
Part 1 of the Inuvialuktun Language Conference in Inubik. This video includes clips from the conference and interviews with people about teaching Inuvialuktun in the schools.
Profile of educators and students, focusing on the importance of education to Inuvialuit.
Video describes the Ulukhaktok Community with a focus on Education and features an interview with the mayor.
Interview with Jack Alanak on language, culture, and hospital followed by Robert Kuptana speaking with Charlie Avakana who is telling an old time story and interview on language, culture, food, education, land, and land claims, etc.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling a story that was already in progress about Caucasion bowhead whale hunters and more Caucasion people arriving, and about the many ways that Inuvialuit ways of life have changed since then.
Christina Noksana is storytelling about her personal life story, part 1. To be continued.
Christina Noksana is continuing her personal life story, part 3. To be continued.
Christina Noksana is continuing her personal life story, final part 4.
Sam Raddi is speaking about the Land Claims meeting down South followed by various Elders speaking to family and friends and sending greetings. Father Le Meur speaking about CHAK, and Peter Thrasher shares the issues and concerns that he spoke out…
Rosemary Kuptana continues to interview Bessie Lennie about her lifestyle as a young adult, of a dog team trip with her husband that almost cost them their lives, then of having to raise her children on her own when her husband passed away, of the…
Frank Cockney is interviewing Freeman Kimiksana about Inuvialuit nomadic seasonal lifestyle long ago, including discussions on schooners, the various storekeepers, about hunting, and the fun large gatherings of games and dancing. The recording…
Frank Cockney continues his final conversations with Freeman Kimiksana about past lifestyles and present lifestyle and cultural changes including traditional education versus modern education and employment, along with new government laws and hunting…
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