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Qummana is telling a story about Fred Carpenter during the 1921/22 era.
Mary Kailek is storytelling of the fall of 1930 when she went to Utqaluk (Baillie Island) and of some who went to Pierce Point where there were many Eastern Inuit living there at that time, of stories she heard of Eastern Inuit and shamanism, and of…
"Mary Kailek is storytelling of her younger days, of when she’d sew traditional caribou clothing for the police, of the various people, of the Christmas gatherings with the arrival of many with dog teams, the traditional food, and describes the…
Agnes White interviews Bessie Wolki about her lifestyle, places she’s traveled, and Bessie also share stories.
Interview was already in progress with David Nasogaluk with Agnes White about his lifestyle long ago. David also shares historical stories.
Shirley Elias interviews Agnes Goose about her family, their travels, and lifestyle long ago as well as historical stories from the past.
Frank Cockney is speaking with unidentified interviewer about his lifestyle long ago from his younger days followed by Andy Cockney who also shares personal lifestories from his younger days. Another unidentified speaker occasionally adds to the…
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