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Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about hunting and trapping during the winter of 1939 on the A Long Time Ago program. Audio is inaudible sometimes.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews Elder Archie Ir̂igaaqtuaq about Easter and about way of life long ago. Archie also tells stories from as early as 1902.
Shirley interviews Jean and William who also shares memories and stories from his younger days. Shirley then interviews Robert Kuptana about his genealogy, about his lifestyle from his younger days, and about Aulavik Park. Robert also shares some…
Shirley Elias interviews Jean Ogina about her lifestyle from her younger days, her genealogy, and she shares stories from long ago. Shirley then interviews William Kagyut about his life, his genealogy, and he also shares stories from long ago and…
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