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Holman (Feb '76) (1)0.jpg
Photo of a schooner ashore in Uukhaktok with dogs beside and setting sun in distance

Holman (Feb '76) (2)0.jpg
Photo of a house and dogs in foreground with houses and hills further in background

Holman (Feb '76)0.jpg
Line of dogs tethered outside in front of house on a winter day in Ulukhaktok

A photo of Henry and Florence Nasogaluak, the dog race winners at the Tuk Jamboree. Florence is seated on a basket sled.

A photo of Stephen Frost from Old Crow standing outside in the winter with a dog beside him.

The image shows the starting line of a dof race where there is a bunch of people waiting for one to start.

The image shows a couple of dog sled teams going for a run at Ren Lake.

A photo of Tommy Goose who is working ona sled and Carrie Goose who is standing near by. We also can seea few dogs in the photo and a building.

A photo of Louis Unayaq (Phillip Hoagaq's father) in traditional clothing and his dog: Ubluriaq.

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) down by the beach with two dogs and a couple of barrels.

A photo of Rose Gully looking down and an unnamed man looking at the camera. We also have a dog beside them.

A photo of Elijah Sydney dressed in traditional clothing.

A photo that includes Bunigiok Kangoam Polianga. A photo of a dog standing on his back legs and a young man dressed in traditional clothes that include a parka.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq standing and sitting beside each other.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq standing and sitting beside each other.

A photo of two men standing outside the door of the Hudson's Bay Company with a couple of dogs walking around them.

The photo shows a boy in traditional clothes standing inside a house with a dog sleeping on the floor. Martha Kudluk's uncle, Makarhaquq, Makkarhuq.

A photo of David Bernhardt with husky dog and her pups.
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Father Lemeur who interviewed Elders Bessie Wolki and Ivy Raddi, then Paul Adam about how they survived very trying times on Banks Island. Father Lemeur then translates their stories into English.
Agnes White is interviewing Edith Haogak about where and how she and her family lived at various places long ago. Edith is also storytelling as she identifies many traditional place names.
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