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Holman (Feb '76) (1)0.jpg
A photo of a schooner ashore in Uukhaktok with dogs beside and setting sun in distance.

Holman (Feb '76) (2)0.jpg
A photo of a house and dogs in foreground with houses and hills in the background.

Holman (Feb '76)0.jpg
A photo of a line of dogs tethered outside in front of a house in Ulukhaktok.

A photo of Henry and Florence Nasogaluak, the dog race winners at the Tuk Jamboree. Florence is seated on a basket sled.

A photo of Stephen Frost from Old Crow standing outside in the winter with a dog beside him.

A photo of several people at the start line of a dogsled race.

A photo of two dogsled teams going for a run at Ren Lake.

A photo of Tommy and Carrie Goose with a sled. There are a building and some dogs in the background.

A photo of Louis Unayaq (Phillip Hoagaq's father) and his dog, Ubluriaq.

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) on the beach with two dogs.

A photo of Rose Gully, an unidentified man, and a dog.

A photo of Elijah Sydney dressed in traditional clothing.

A photo of Bunigiok Kangoam Polianga with a dog next to him.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq.

A photo of two men and three dogs outside of the door of the Hudson's Bay Company.

A photo of a boy wearing traditional clothing standing inside a house with a dog sleeping on the floor. Martha Kudluk's uncle, Makarhaquq, Makkarhuq.

The image shows a couple of conoes with a group of men that are getting some drift wood, as well as a pack of dogs on the shore. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of David Bernhardt with his Siberian Husky and her pups. Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 146.jpg
A photo of ravens looking for food and a dog watching from the side. Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 091.jpg
A photo of a dog running by a barrel with houses in the background. Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 082.jpg
A photo of a boy and two puppies outside of a house.
Hester Adam is continuing her life stories of her lifestyle when she was younger, of their travels, of trapping, getting and sawing wood, getting ice, and more. Part 2. To be continued.
Frank Cockney continues interviewing Tom Avakgak about his travels, hunting, trapping, and life stories. Final Part 7 and part 8.
Frank Cockney continues interviewing Freeman Kimiksana about their traditional lifestyle long ago during the 1930’s to 1950’s era. Audio ends abruptly. Part 5A. To be continued.
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