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Holman (Feb '76) (1)0.jpg
Photo of a schooner ashore in Uukhaktok with dogs beside and setting sun in distance

Holman (Feb '76) (2)0.jpg
Photo of a house and dogs in foreground with houses and hills further in background

Holman (Feb '76)0.jpg
Line of dogs tethered outside in front of house on a winter day in Ulukhaktok

A photo of Henry and Florence Nasogaluak, the dog race winners at the Tuk Jamboree. Florence is seated on a basket sled.

A photo of Stephen Frost from Old Crow standing outside in the winter with a dog beside him.

The image shows the starting line of a dof race where there is a bunch of people waiting for one to start.

The image shows a couple of dog sled teams going for a run at Ren Lake.

A photo of Tommy Goose who is working ona sled and Carrie Goose who is standing near by. We also can seea few dogs in the photo and a building.

A photo of Louis Unayaq (Phillip Hoagaq's father) in traditional clothing and his dog: Ubluriaq.

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) down by the beach with two dogs and a couple of barrels.

A photo of Rose Gully looking down and an unnamed man looking at the camera. We also have a dog beside them.

A photo of Elijah Sydney dressed in traditional clothing.

A photo that includes Bunigiok Kangoam Polianga. A photo of a dog standing on his back legs and a young man dressed in traditional clothes that include a parka.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq standing and sitting beside each other.

A photo of Povautag (Susie Tiktalik’s brother born in Banks Is.) and dog Qavuraq standing and sitting beside each other.

A photo of two men standing outside the door of the Hudson's Bay Company with a couple of dogs walking around them.

The photo shows a boy in traditional clothes standing inside a house with a dog sleeping on the floor. Martha Kudluk's uncle, Makarhaquq, Makkarhuq.

The image shows a couple of conoes with a group of men that are getting some drift wood, as well as a pack of dogs on the shore. Credit: Martha Harry

A photo of David Bernhardt with husky dog and her pups. Hunt Photos/Dr. D.E. Hunt photos - Inuvik 1968-69 146.jpg
Ravens looking for food and a dog investigating the ravens.
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