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A photo of a women sitting on a log having some tea and another lady by table in the background by the house.

A photo of a young man cutting cake into pieces for people to eat.

The photo shows a young man and a woman holding a birthday cake that has candles lit up.

A photo of a woman who is sitting down at the dinner table eating corn on the cob.

The image shows a few whales coming up for a breath of fresh air from a hole in the ice.

A group of people sitting on a fire having lunch. The photo includes Metayer, Nora Hayulaq(?), Emma Ikiyuna, Molly Goose.

A photo of Nora Hayulaq/Hayulaaq (Jimmy Memoran’s wife), Emma Ikiyuna, and Sam Kuniluk all drinking tea and having something to eat.

The photo shows a group of people having a picnic on a nice summer day.

A photo of three men laying down and sitting around a small table eating and drinking some tea, with tents around them. The photo includes Kaotoak and Inotalik.

The images shows a group of people sitting around a make shift table eating and drinking. The table has pots and plates with cups on it. The photo includes the following: Harry Inuqiqłak, George Harry’s dad, second from left, and Jane Esau (far…
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