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The photo shows a few dancers from different areas. They include: Fort Good Hope-Old Crow, 2nd from left-Mary Kassi, Old Crow, women on right-Annie Nukon, Old Crow, Chief Hyacinthe Andre-Arctic Red, Lucy Moore, Inuvik.

A photo of a Pelly Bay Drummer performing a song for a few people.

A photo of Mackenzie Dancers performing at the Eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The photo shows a couple of edler dancers dancing away. The photo includes: (left to right): Mabel Stefansson, Alice Simon, Ida Aleekuk

IRC Directors & Staff performing at the opening of Inuit Circumpolar Conference. The photo includes: 1. Abel Tingmiak, 2. Bobby Hansen, 3. Les Carpenter, 4. Roger Gruben, 5. Frank Hansen, 6. Eddie Kolausok, 7. Joseph Haluski, 8. Vince Teddy, 9.…

Dancer dancing to the drummers rhythm. The photo includes Dancer: Abel Tingmiak, Drummers( middle row, left to Right): Martha Harry, William Day, Wilbert Papik, George Harry, Back row(left to right): Tara Cardinal (Day), Carla Smith, Cathy Cockney,…

Dancers dancing away to the drummers beat in the background. The photo includes: Dancers(left to right): Tara Cardinal(Day), Abel Tingmiak, Carla Smith.

Drummers and the singers of the Inuvik Delta Drummers and Dancers. The photo includes: Drummers(left to right): William Day, Wilbert Papik, George Harry, Back row(left to right): Tara Cardinal(Day), Carla Smith, Cathy Cockney, Martha Harry, Annie…

Abel Tingmiak standing in a dancing position.

Shawna Rogers performig a dance, with drummers in the Back Row that includes (Left to Right)-Abel Tingmiak, Debbie Gordon- Ruben, Annie Aleekuk, Wilbert Papik.

Abel Tingmiak in his traditional clothing, posing in a dancer position.

Dancers. The photo includes dancers: Shawna Rogers, Jimmy-John Meyook.

Debbie Gordon-Ruben and William Day performing a dance together in their traditional clothing.

Inuvik Delta Drummers and Dancers doing a Performance at the Crossroads of Continents-Cultures of Siberia and Alaska exhibition, Museum of Civilization (Ottawa)-November 1991. Dancers from left to right: Louisa Alunik, Jimmy-John Meyook and Shawna…

Dancers performing a dance. From left to right- Annie Aleekuk, Debbie Gordon-Ruben, Louisa Alunik, Shawna Rogers. Drummers sitting (left to right): Abel Tingmiak, William Day, Wilbert Papik

Drummers and dancers performing on stage.

Drummers and dancers preparing for performance in parade.

Drum dancers performing on the road way. The photo includes: Back Row (left to right): George Harry, Martha Harry, Sarah Tingmiak, Jean Arey, Cathy Cockney, Dancer: Abel Tingmiak, (far right-Unidentified Person).

Drum dancers on a parade trailer performing. The photo includes: 1. Martha Harry, 2. George Harry.

Drum drancers performing in a parade in Inuvik. The photo includes: 1. Sarah Tingmiak, 2. Abel Tingmiak, 3. George Harry, 4. C. Cockney, 5. Martha Harry
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