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A Native Voice host Victor Allen is speaking about the new CBC radio program called A Native Voice as well as speaking about current affairs and the news in Inuvialuktun.
Elders Jane Esau (Aviugan), Ida Aleekuk (Nashuqr̂aq), and Leegee Stewart speak to and send New Years Greetings to family, friends and listeners. Inuit Speak host Rosie Albert also informs the listeners about the Inupiaq Post Secondary Education…
Inserts from Indigenous language programs: speakers include Kenneth Peeloolook?, Edward Lennie, Neil Collin, Roddy Peters with Inuvialuktun show Host Victor Allen who is also providing news and messages and announcements in Inuvialuktun. Radio…
Rosie Albert of Inuvik, N.T. is providing news in Inuvialuktun.
Radio host Victor Allen is hosting the The People Speak Inuit Program that includes guest speakers Roy Goose, Donald Kaglik, and Alice Thrasher.
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