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Mary Kailek is continuing to share her memories from the previous story, of the supply ships that arrived with an abundance of food followed by feasting with gathering of Gwich’in, Inuvialuit, and Caucasians, of court, of her father working for…
Joe Nasogaluak is continuing the story about the police arresting Inuit men, in the early 1920’s, for murder, and transported them to Herschel Island and other old time stories from the years of 1918 to 1923. Note: Audio is very low. Final, Part…
A Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling. Joe is storytelling about his younger days around 1931.
Long Time Ago host, Ishmael Alunik is telling historical stories of the Inupiat and the Inuvialuit who lived and traveled along the Yukon North Slope prior to European contact and after contact and prior to written maps and modern borders of today.
Agnes White interviews Frank Cockney about his lifestyle, places he’s traveled, and traditional land use areas in his younger days. Frank also shares some stories.
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