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The image shows a coal mine near Paulatuk with a couple of dog sled teams and some people resting. (per Sam Lennie) Credit: Martha Harry

The image shows a coal mine at Naqhaluk on Banks Island. We also can see Fred and Frank Carpenter, along with Fred Wolki posing for the photo.

The photo shows a coal mine on the yukon coast, we can see a dock for a boat at the mine.

A photo of Lily Lipscomb beside some coal and a burn barrel at Siralik lake (south of Roland Bay).

A photo of Lucy, Fred, Andy Carepenter, and Susie (Panikpak) Wolki all mining some coal at a mine at Naqhaluk.

The Blue Fox at Naqhaluk, obtaining coal from exposed seams for winter fuel.
Bessie Lennie is continuing her stories of when they lived on Banks Island with her relatives and with her husband and their one child, of their travels during summer and or winter, of other’s visiting and traveling with their ships, of hunting,…
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