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North Pole Alaska radio station, church service. Recorded in English.
Mary Kailek is storytelling of when she was younger living with her parents, of various people, of her sister Annie’s birth, of when the schooners arrived and her dad purchased a record player for her, of their travels, of living at various…
Mary Kailek is sharing more memories of her younger days of when she gave birth to her son, of her siblings who were on their way to residential school when her younger brother Donald Kaglik got hurt, of when her dad started trapping after he was…
Frank Kuptana and an unidentified speaker are continuing their discussions from the previous story and sharing memories and stories from the past.
Mabel Steffanson is continuing to tell her life stories of her younger days. Part 3. To be continued.
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about his travels as early as 1913 as well as hunting and trapping stories, and more on the A Long Time Ago program.
Frank Cockney is giving a COPE report about the national meeting he and two others attended in Toronto, Ontario.
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