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Cathy Cockney interviews George Kalousak about his family genealogy with help from interpreter Rosie Archie followed by Elijah Harley’s genealogy interview also with Rosie Archie’s help.
Frank Cockney is storytelling of when he was working for the oil company in Tuktoyaktuk, of his holidays, and of when he’d work on first winter road construction in 1967, of working with Caucasion people, of when he began working for the land…
Mark Emerak is speaking about his faith and is also sharing some life stories as well as stories that he heard. Part 1. To be continued.
Elder Buster Kailek is sharing more memories of long ago and of how they lived, of reindeer herding, of lifestyle changes, as well as of when Inuvik was just starting up, and more. Part 3. To be continued.
Mary Kailek is continuing her life stories sharing more memories of when she was younger when her dad worked with the Hudson Bay Company, when her mom would be sewing, of the rat sunday services, of her travels with her parents, of various people, of…
Agnes White and Murielle Nagy interview Frank Kudlak about his lifestyle long ago, about the animals, about traditional place names, and Frank also shares stories from his younger days. Note: audio is sometimes low. Murielle also interviews Edith…
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