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The photo shows a couple of crafted silver bracelets made by Johnny Avatock, Alaska Indian Arts.

A photo of Johnny Avatock crafting a piece of art that looks like silver bracelets. The art displays Alaskan Indian Arts.

The photo shows a carving that displays a Killer Whale. The carving is an Alaskan Indian Arts.

The photo shows a couple of Carvings made by Leo Jacobs, displayed at Alaska Indian Arts in port Chilkoot.

A photo of Leo Jacobs crafting a carving made out of wood in Port Chilkoot. The carving is an Alaska Indian Arts. The photo is an arctic winter games photo.

A photo of Jimmy Memorana creating a piece of art.

A photo of elder Aliknak Banksland sitting on a chair at a table having a cup of tea or coffee.
Donald Kaglik is telling part 2 of the legend of The Moon Child, that he heard from his grandfather Ningaqsiq, on The Long Time Ago program hosted by Louie Goose.
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