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This video is part two of an Arctic Borderlines Ecological Co-op meeting in Kaktovik, Alaska. It focuses on how the porcupine caribou herd are affected by development, and includes questions from concerned members of the community.

A caribou in Niaqulik.
A Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik airs Alice Thrasher storytelling. Alice is telling a legend of a mother and her granddaughter. Ishmael then plays a song called, "Silent Inuit" sung by Alice’s son, musician Willie Thrasher, followed by more…
Amos Tumma speaks gives advice, then tells a story of bowhead whale hunting long ago around 1918 or 1919, followed by a flood story, and speaks of traditional hunting weapons used long ago, and more.
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White continue to interview Agnes Carpenter about her personal and Inuvialuit lifestyle long ago. Agnes shares more memories and stories of her younger days. At the 21:26 minute mark, it suddenly switches to an interview…
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about his travels as early as 1913 as well as hunting and trapping stories, and more on the A Long Time Ago program.
Elder Amos Tumma is telling old time stories about a widow and her two sons, about some of his uncles, warriors, no animal parts wasted, harvested food prepared and stored to last all year long, a giant killer mouse, life prior to White peoples…

The image shows caribou at NiVi-6, Arvakvik (Roland Bay).

Caribou at NiVi-6, Arvakvik (Roland Bay).

Aeral view of caribou on snow, Yukon coast.

The image shows a caribou passing by Lennie Inglangasuk's dog team. Credit: Martha Harry
Frank Kuptana is storytelling about his earliest memories of traveling alone with his mother who was packing him, of hard times and good times, of his mom remarrying, of the gatherings, games, visiting, and dances, of their homes built, of hunting,…
Bessie Lennie is storytelling of when they first went to Ikaahuk, Banks Island when she was a young girl, of their’s and other’s travels for hunting, fishing, Easter, Christmas, of sharing and trading with visitors, of the traditional clothing…
Murielle Nagy and Agnes White interview Frank Carpenter who is telling personal and historical stories about he and other’s lifestyle long ago. Note : audio is sometimes low along with a bird chirping in the background. They also view and discuss…
Frank Kuptana is telling old time stories of how people lived long ago of how people hunted, fished, and gathered for their food long ago, living a totally traditional lifestyle compared to today with help now a days from the government, with people…
Elder Frank Kuptana is telling stories of a long time ago prior to Whiteman arrival. He then tells stories of when the White people arrived with stores and the government who encouraged Inuvialuit to move to a new town of Ulukhaktok, N.T. with the…
A Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik airs Aklavik Elder Hope Gordon storytelling about where and how they lived in Alaska, Part 4.

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Photo of hunters' hanging polar bear skin, harvested caribou and sleds in front of a house in Ulukhaktok
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about hunting and trapping long ago on the A Long Time Ago program.

Peter Esau inland hunting caribou for fresh meat supply.
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