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Holman (Feb '76) (5)0.jpg
Photo of hunters' hanging polar bear skin, harvested caribou and sleds in front of a house in Ulukhaktok

A photo of S.B. Johansson standing on Ren Lake with a bunch of caribou shot in the background.

The image shows the remains of a caribou after being cut up at Ren Lake slaughter.

A photo of a man cutting up a caribou carefully. Open slaughter of caribou.

A photo of Joseph Pokiak cutting up a caribou for its meat.

The image shows a caribou passing by Lennie Inglangasuk's dog team. Credit: Martha Harry

Peter Esau inland hunting caribou for fresh meat supply.

Aeral view of caribou on snow, Yukon coast.

A caribou in Niaqulik.

Caribou at NiVi-6, Arvakvik (Roland Bay).

The image shows caribou at NiVi-6, Arvakvik (Roland Bay).
Buster Kailek is storytelling about their travels including traveling to Tuktoyaktuk getting supplies at the Hudson Bay, and the many schooners that were there, of their traveling challenges, of a child’s death, of hunting and trapping, of their…
Buster Kailek is storytelling about how Inuvialuit lived prior to European contact, about how they made fire long ago, about fishing, about caribou hunting methods prior to modern guns with his uncle and others, about all the many uses of caribou for…
Mary Kailek is sharing more memories of her younger days of when she gave birth to her son, of her siblings who were on their way to residential school when her younger brother Donald Kaglik got hurt, of when her dad started trapping after he was…
Mary Kailek is storytelling of her many travels, of various people, of the types of animals harvested, of her concerns of the new wildlife officer’s regulations and governance during that era, clothing and other items made from animal skins, of…
Mary Kailek is storytelling about her life stories from her younger days, of her father, of her grandfather, of some comical stories, of trading piffi (dryfish) for staples with the police who arrived by boat, of various visitors, of learning how to…
Frank Kuptana is sharing more memories of his lifestyle after getting married, of when he and his wife’s travels and living on the the land, hunting, trapping, fishing, getting ice and wood, and tells stories of living the traditional life,…
Frank Kuptana is telling old time stories of how people lived long ago of how people hunted, fished, and gathered for their food long ago, living a totally traditional lifestyle compared to today with help now a days from the government, with people…
Frank Kuptana is telling more stories and describes the traditional lifestyle that people lived long ago, of how they lived long ago hunting and fishing and describes the geographical lay out of the land and rivers, of lifestyle differences of the…
Frank Kuptana is storytelling about the way of life long ago with fishing, hunting seals, caribou, and polar bears, traditional clothing that was made, the clean snow houses that were made, the traditional food, homemade storage containers for the…
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