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MOT - Sachs Harbour (Feb '73)0.jpg
A photo of buildings in Sachs Harbour in the distance.

A photo of Billy Ruben sitting on the ground and holding an object in his hands.

A photo of John Elanik performing the high kick in front of a group of people.

A photo of a group tour of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation. The photo includes Freda Whiteside, Sarah Anderson, Eddie Dillon, Helen Gruben, Katie Pokiak, Randall Pokiak, Wayne Gordon, Alexandria Elias, and Renie Arey.

A photo of five women wearing parkas and walking on a wooden sidewalk. Rhoda “Alak” Allen is second from left, and the remaining four women are unidentified.

A photo of Charles Hunter at Jim Koe Park with Sir Alexander Mackenzie School in the background.

A photo of Clara Gully and Agnes Semmler at Jim Koe Park.

The photo shows an airplane that is loading up with people and luggage. Several dogs are in the photo. We also can see a few buildings in the background.

A photo of a group of people that may be a family close together. The photo includes: Guy, Agnes & Fred Alatukak, Suzie Helen.

A photo of a women sitting on a log having some tea and another lady by table in the background by the house.

A photo of Ernie & Myra Bernhardt sitting down on a couple of logs by a fire pit and a house or cabin beside them.

A photo of a family that is sitting on the steps of a house. The photo includes: Kimberly, Myra, Donna.

The photo shows a buildings in Kugluktuk.

The photo shows a couple of building with a boat at the bay in Kugluktuk. People look like they are loading or unloading the boat.

The photo shows another view of Kugluktuk that shows a couple of building with power lines and a few barrels.

The photo shows a Northwest Territories flag in the town of Kugluktuk, now located in Nunavut.

The photo shows the town of Kugluktuk from a little bit of a distance from a gravel plateau.

The photo shows a part of the town of Kugluktuk. We can see a few power lines and a couple of buildings, along with the bay.

The photo shows a photo of Kugluktuk from a distance on top of another hill.

The photo shows a very distance photo of Kugluktuk from on top of a hill.

The photo shows another post card from Kugluktuk, and also shows the summer view of Kugluktuk from the air.

The photo shows an old post card from Kugluktuk, it shows the summer view of Kugluktuk from the air.

A photo of a man standing in the doorway of a log cabin.

The photo shows a log cabin that is surround by trees.

The photo shows a road that has houses and trees on both sides of it, with a couple of people standing on the side.
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