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North end of Cape Parry, bowhead vertebra (Sept '76)0.jpg
Close-up image of a bowhead whale's vertebra located at the north end of Cape Parry

North end of Cape Parry, bowhead skull bone (Sept '76)0.jpg
Image of a bowhead skull bone on the shore with hills across the ocean in the distance

North end of Cape Parry, bowhead vertebra and area around (Sept '76)0.jpg
Image of a bowhead vertebra by the water near the late 1800's whaler's camp at Cape Parry

A group photo of a few men in front of a caught whale. The photo shows: Back row-left to right: Titus Allen, Danny A. Gordon, Front: Billy Archie.

The photo shows what is left of Bowhead whale to be cut up into meat chunks.

The photo shows a couple of men working with cut up whale parts that are on logs. The photo includes Left to Right: Titus Allen, Abba Dick(Abraham).
Mabel Steffanson is continuing to tell her life stories of her younger days. Part 2. To be continued.
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling about his life stories during the year 1925.
A Long Time Ago host, Louie Goose introduces Donald Kaglik who is telling the legend of The Boy who Found the Lost Tribe of the Caribou and Beluga Whale, part 2 and part 3
Kenneth Peeloolook continues his storytelling from 1902 and 1921, of their travels, adventures, caribou hunting experiences, drumming, singing, and dancing, arrival of the White Bowhead Whalers, along with alcohol, mining, employment, and much more, …
Kenneth Peeloolook is sharing his memories of his younger days in Alaska and in Canada of his life experiences, part one. To be continued.
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Raddi Koiksak telling the Legend of Jonah of the Arctic followed by a very short story told by Father Lemeur that he heard in Paulatuuq. Father Lemeur then translates Raddi’s story into…
Elder Amos Tumma is storytelling about some of his earliest memories of his family, others families, and stories from long ago of how he and other Inuvialuit lived, their struggles, hardships and survival during their travels on the A Long Time Ago…
Joe Nasogaluak is storytelling of he and his family’s’s travels and way of life beginning in the fall of 1915 in Tuktuur̂aqtuuq
Johnny Ruben is telling a story about an old lady and her grandson who were abandoned and left for dead.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews Elder Archie Ir̂igaaqtuaq about Easter and about way of life long ago. Archie also tells stories from as early as 1902.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews Felix Nuyaviak about bowhead and beluga whaling long ago as well as how Tuktuur̂aqtuuq got it’s name and how Inuvialuit were able to tell time without modern…
A Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik airs Aklavik Elder Hope Gordon storytelling about where and how they lived in Alaska, Part 4.
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