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A photo of Albert Elias sitting down in a boat holding a fishing rod.

The photo shows a few tents on the shore of the bay with a boat tied up on shore.

The photo shows a couple of building with a boat at the bay in Kugluktuk. People look like they are loading or unloading the boat.

A photo of a man sitting at the bank of the Steward River, looking toward the river.

The photo shows a man standing in a boat with a gas can getting ready to load the can in the boat or remove it.

The photo shows a couple of boats on the shore of a river.

The photo shows all the boats back on the beach after a day of whaling.

The image shows two men in a boat, one with his back to us and another laughing looking towards us.

The photo shows a man standing by himself in the water and a boat going off in some direction.

The photo shows a man standing up on a cabin of a boat, getting ready to throw a harpoon at a whale.

The image shows two boats side by side getting ready to do some whaling.

The image shows the boats are back together as a convoy and are traveling again on the ocean.

The photo shows the convoy of boats are spreading out to do some whaling or to go separate ways.

The photo shows a convoy of boats traveling together on the arctic ocean.

The image shows Eddie Gruben with a beluga while and the ship the "Tootsie" on the shores of Tuk.

The photo shows a barge at the Inuvik docks with a few people standing on it. As well we can see a few ice chunks on the river still.

The photo shows an aerial shot of a few building of aklavik from the air, along with a few boats on the shore in the winter time.

The photo shows Frank Kudlak and Phillip Hoagak sitting in a boat together.

A photo of Nellie Qanuvan who is holding some kind of cover and Jimmy Hiquqh who is standing right beside her. Both of them are dressed in traditional clothing and are standing in front of boat that is upside down.

The image shows man holding a stick in the water, well he ice fishes by a canoe.
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