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A photo of a woman standing beside a display that includes a bear standing up at the Arctic Winter Games.

A photo that includes Mrs. Nellie Hodgson, Jeffery, and Rosalin sitting on a couch in a house.

A photo of John and Nellie Hodgson in their house in Inuvik.

A photo of David Bernhardt with a young bear on a rope leash.
Mary Kailek is sharing memories of she and her family’s travels, of various visitors, of beluga whale hunting, of fishnet fishing, of traditional food preparation, of making dryfish and also teaching the grandchildren who wanted to learn how to…
Agnes Nanogak is storytelling of some of she and her family’s many travels, of living in various places, and of of some of their experiences such as when her father fell in water and nearly froze to death, of when he made his own kayak boat with…
Bessie Lennie is storytelling of when they first went to Ikaahuk, Banks Island when she was a young girl, of their’s and other’s travels for hunting, fishing, Easter, Christmas, of sharing and trading with visitors, of the traditional clothing…
Christine Kimiksana is telling stories of her childhood memories with her family after returning from school, Part 1. To be continued.
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