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The image shows an Old boat at Siralik lake (south of Roland Bay). Used to belong to Lily Lipscomb's grandfather. It also shows a couple of barrels by the boat.

The image shows a barrel in front of a Log cabin at Siralik lake (south of Roland Bay). Used to belong to Lily Lipscomb's grandparents.

A photo of Andrew and Rita Banksland as children standing together, holding each other, by some barrels and a building. Credit: Elizabeth Banksland

The image shows a a few buildings of Aklavik from the distance in 1935.

A photo of two individuals standing on a boat right beside each other, with one of them holding on to a rope.

A photo of Emmanuel Felix standing with his hands in his pockets with a cigarette in his mouth. He is standing by a building and is wearing traditional clothes.

A photo of Gerard Chicksi Sr. smiling away with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing traditional clothing.

The image shows a cargo plane with its front open unloading some cargo. We also can see a tractor parked on the side.

A group photo taken by a tractor. The photo includes from the back row-left to right-might be John Dick, Bobby Chicksi, Big Joe Nasogaluak, Unidentified person, Richard Dick, Amos Cockney Front row-left to right-unidentified person, Joseph Taylor

A photo of two women dressed in traditional clothing walking by a building. The photo includes from left to right: Esther Semmler and Sadie Simon

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) down by the beach with two dogs and a couple of barrels.

The photo shows a few people sitting and standing by a post. We can also see a few building and lots of barrels. The photo includes Sarah Gruben, Persis Gruben, Agnes Gruben, Margaret Lennie, Sam Lennie, Charlie Gruben.

The photo shows another group photo, but in front of a tent and a building and beside a couple other buidling. We also can see a few barrels beside the people in the photo who are also dressed in traditional clothing.

The photo shows one of the Inuvik docks that has a few barrels and a car on it.

The photo shows a few men swimming on the beach in Tuk. We can see a few barrels on the beach and on the land.

A photo of Mary Dillon sitting on a table looking at and working with a couple of skulls with a barrel beside her. nee Siksigak

The photo shows a buildng with a fenced off area at Atkinson Point DEW line site.

The image shows a few building and a couple of guys working or walking on stairs in the background at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The photo shows a building with a barrel beside it at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

A photo of Stephen Frost performig a muscle pose beside a barrel.
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