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A photo of a group of people that may be a family close together. The photo includes: Guy, Agnes & Fred Alatukak, Suzie Helen.

The photo shows a tent frame structure with a couple of barrels around it.

The photo shows a buildings in Kugluktuk.

The photo shows a couple of building with a boat at the bay in Kugluktuk. People look like they are loading or unloading the boat.

The photo shows another view of Kugluktuk that shows a couple of building with power lines and a few barrels.

The photo shows a Northwest Territories flag in the town of Kugluktuk, now located in Nunavut.

A photo of Stephen Frost performig a muscle pose beside a barrel.

The photo shows a building with a barrel beside it at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The image shows a few building and a couple of guys working or walking on stairs in the background at the DEW line site at Atkinson Point.

The photo shows a buildng with a fenced off area at Atkinson Point DEW line site.

A photo of Mary Dillon sitting on a table looking at and working with a couple of skulls with a barrel beside her. nee Siksigak

The photo shows a few men swimming on the beach in Tuk. We can see a few barrels on the beach and on the land.

The photo shows one of the Inuvik docks that has a few barrels and a car on it.

A photo of eight people with a tent and some buildings in the background.

The photo shows a few people sitting and standing by a post. We can also see a few building and lots of barrels. The photo includes Sarah Gruben, Persis Gruben, Agnes Gruben, Margaret Lennie, Sam Lennie, Charlie Gruben.

A photo of Glen Rogers (Sonny) down by the beach with two dogs and a couple of barrels.

A photo of two women dressed in traditional clothing walking by a building. The photo includes from left to right: Esther Semmler and Sadie Simon

A group photo taken by a tractor. The photo includes from the back row-left to right-might be John Dick, Bobby Chicksi, Big Joe Nasogaluak, Unidentified person, Richard Dick, Amos Cockney Front row-left to right-unidentified person, Joseph Taylor

The image shows a cargo plane with its front open unloading some cargo. We also can see a tractor parked on the side.

A photo of Gerard Chicksi Sr. smiling away with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing traditional clothing.

A photo of Emmanuel Felix standing with his hands in his pockets with a cigarette in his mouth. He is standing by a building and is wearing traditional clothes.

A photo of two individuals standing on a boat, with one of them holding on to a rope.

The image shows a a few buildings of Aklavik from the distance in 1935.

A photo of Andrew and Rita Banksland as children, holding each other and standing by some barrels and a building.

The image shows a barrel in front of a Log cabin at Siralik lake (south of Roland Bay). Used to belong to Lily Lipscomb's grandparents.
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