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Long Time Ago host Ishmael Alunik continues his stories of when Inuvik was first being built with rapid lifestyle changes affecting everyone. Jessie Amos is interviewed in English about the bannock and tea boiling contest, followed by Ishmael…
Highlights from the 1993 Kingalik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok. Video features interviews discussing sponsorship and other funding opportunities for the festival.
A video of athletes competing and performing in the 23rd annual Northern Games in Tuktoyaktuk and community members being interviewed.
Events at the Kingaluk Jamboree in Ulukhaktok including: bannock making, musical performances, jigging, etc.
The events surrounding the 1985 Kingolik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok featuring games, musical performances, and shots of the landscape.
Highlights from the 1988 Kingalik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok
Highlights from the 1985 Ulukhaktok Kingalik Jamboree.
The games and activities held at the 2003 Ikhalukpik Jamboree.
A video showing events from the 2003 and 1990 Northern Games.
A video showing events from the 2003 Northern Games.
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