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Frank Cockney is storytelling of his life with his grandparents, of their many travels, of hunting and trapping stories, and shares his grandfather’s words of wisdom, and more. Part 5 and 6. To be continued. Note: The audio has some background…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik who shares her personal life stories when she was a young married woman of plentiful caribou and happy times and also speaks of various hardships and sufferings such as abandonment, births, deaths, the big…
Alexandria Elias interviews Susie Tiktalik about her younger days and she and her families travels to Banksland.
Christina Noksana is continuing her personal life story, final part 4.
Host of A Native Voice Edward Lennie provides local and regional news then interviews with Billy Day about his employment and with foster care and or the adoption process as well as his first jobs when Inuvik first started up.
Christine Kimiksana is telling stories of her childhood memories with her family after returning from school, Part 1. To be continued.
Cathy Cockney interviews George Kalousak about his family genealogy with help from interpreter Rosie Archie followed by Elijah Harley’s genealogy interview also with Rosie Archie’s help.
Cathy Cockney is interviewing Christine Klengenberg about her family genealogy with help from interpreter Agnes White
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