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Frank Cockney continues interviewing Freeman Kimiksana about their traditional lifestyle long ago during the 1930’s to 1950’s era. Audio ends abruptly. Part 5A. To be continued.
Mary Kailek is sharing more life stories from long ago of their travels, shares some funny stories, of clean ice water, of she and other’s having to go to Aklavik for their tooth extractions, arrival of the Hudson Bay Boat, the numerous tents, and…
Mary Kailek is storytelling of the fall of 1930 when she went to Utqaluk (Baillie Island) and of some who went to Pierce Point where there were many Eastern Inuit living there at that time, of stories she heard of Eastern Inuit and shamanism, and of…
Mary Kailek is telling stories of Kublualuk the shaman and other old time stories, and ends with a personal story.
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