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Frank Cockney continues interviewing Freeman Kimiksana completing part 5 of lifestyle long ago including the early missions and stores trading and bringing staples from the South. Part 5B to be continued.
Frank Cockney is storytelling his life stories of when he was younger with growing up and travelling with his grandparents, of their traditional nomadic lifestyle, of trapping stories, of going to their fishing place, and more. To be continued. …
Persis Gruben is continuing her storytelling of the lifestyle changes, about traveling with her parents long ago and later with her children when her husband was hospitalised, of her traditional teachings, of wildlife hunted, of the oil companies…
Host of the A Long Time Ago program, Louie Goose airs Mark Noksana who shares his memories of his reindeer herding experiences. Mark speaks of when they were herding the reindeer from Alaska in the early 1930’s. Part 1, To be continued.
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