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Radio host Rosie Albert is hosting the The People Speak Inuit Program that includes guest speakers John Ruben and Allan Soosuk.
Persis Gruben is telling her life stories of her birth place, of their travels with her parents, of when her mom got sick, of the Eastern Inuit (Qangmalit) visiting: who had different clothing and a different language and who practised shamanism, of…
Agnes Nanogak is telling the legend of some young women, one of whom is impregnated and was initially ashamed of her child later named Kaluniq including delicacies and or creatures of the sea, and more. The last five to six minutes of the tape is of…
A Long Time Ago host Louie Goose airs Joe Nasogaluak storytelling about his life stories from July 1926 to January 1927
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