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Elders Sarah Kuptana, William Kuptana, Robert Kuptana, Kitty Roland, and Emma Dick speak to and send greetings to family and friends. James Ruben and Gideon Ruben report about ITC and Landclaims work in Inuvialuktun and English.
Interview with Jack Alanak on language, culture, and hospital followed by Robert Kuptana speaking with Charlie Avakana who is telling an old time story and interview on language, culture, food, education, land, and land claims, etc.
Robert Kuptana is interviewing Wallace Goose from Ulukhatok, N.T. about his opinions on how to improve the ITC (Inuit Tapirisat of Canada) election processes and a more fair representation with the Inuvialuit, on the Inuit Development Corporation on…
Robert Kuptana is interviewing Noah Akhiatak from Ulukhatok, N.T. about his opinions regarding a more fair representation with the Western Inuvialuit and the voting process with the I.T.C (Inuit Tapirisat of Canada). Interview is in English and…
Robert Kuptana interviews Jimmy Kudlak of Ulukhaktok, N.T. and Mr. Pugutak in Inuvialuktun about Landclaims then Robert interviews Roy Goose in English about the proposed Nunavut Government and Landclaims.
Shirley interviews Jean and William who also shares memories and stories from his younger days. Shirley then interviews Robert Kuptana about his genealogy, about his lifestyle from his younger days, and about Aulavik Park. Robert also shares some…
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