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Louie Goose introduces A Native Voice host Edward Lennie who provides community and regional news and an interview with Ida Aleekuk.
Native Language Programming airs Donald Kaglik, Ida Aleekuk, and Peter Thrasher telling stories and or sending greetings. Donald is speaking about the negative changes he saw after returning from school such as children disprecting parents and…
Elders Jane Esau (Aviugan), Ida Aleekuk (Nashuqr̂aq), and Leegee Stewart speak to and send New Years Greetings to family, friends and listeners. Inuit Speak host Rosie Albert also informs the listeners about the Inupiaq Post Secondary Education…
Elders Betty Cockney, Ida Aleekuk, Ruth Alunik, and Peter Thrasher Send Greetings and Speak to Family and Friends on the Saturday Inuit Show.
Elders Rhoda Allen, Ida Aleekuk, and Rebecca Chicksi, send greetings and speak to family and friends in Alaska and Canada.
Elders, Ida Aleekuk, Rebecca Chicksi, Rosie Peeloolook, Elmira Soupay, and Sarah Kalinek speak to and send greetings to family and friends in Alaska and Canada on The People Speak.
Long Time Ago Host Ishmael Alunik airs recorded stories told by Inuvik Elders Ida Aleekuk and Rhoda Allen who are sharing stories from their younger days.
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