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This video, about self-government in the Beaufort Delta, includes an overview of how the Inuvialuit and Gwich'in practiced self-government in the past, how they are currently governed, and how they would like their government to be run in the future.…
This video is a profile of Gordon Norberg, Manager of Marketing and Traffic Coordination West for the Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL). It includes background information about NTCL; Gordon talking about his life and work; and a short…
This is a video of Elder William Kagyut and Elder Jean Kagyut talking about how they grew up on the land. They talk about hunting, fishing, food preservation, and some of the places they lived.
This video contains interviews with Elder Lena Danielson and Elder Annie Kunuk. They tell stories about their lives and talk about the different places they’ve lived.
This is a video about the Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament held in Ulukhaktok in July of 2002. The video begins with an explanation of who Billy Joss was, then it shows people golfing in the tournament and the awards ceremony after the…
This is a video of an interview with Elder Andy Akoakhion from Ulukhaktok. It is entirely in Inuvialuktun without subtitles.
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