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A video of children from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (SAMS) in Inuvik performing Christmas songs and plays.
The first part of this video shows Sandra Ipana teaching Inuvialuktun to elementary students at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School in Inuvik. The second part of this video is an interview with Pauline Gordon about a teacher’s conference at Samuel…
A video of people sending Christmas and New Year's greetings, elders speaking about past Christmases, and part of the Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (SAMS) Christmas concert.
A video of a portion of the IRC Annual Assembly held in Tuktoyaktuk. Nellie Cournoyea speaks about government transfers of power to the local community level and Les Carpenter speaks about putting together a report. The last part of the video shows…
A video of fiddler David Ruben and guitarist Norman Kudlak playing a variety of fiddle tunes. David Ruben also tells stories about how he became interested in fiddling and some of his experiences fiddling.
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