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This is a video of Emilio Gomez, Charles Tizya, and Leonard Harry talking about their experiences with addictions and sobriety.
A video of a portion of the IRC Annual Assembly held in Tuktoyaktuk. Nellie Cournoyea speaks about government transfers of power to the local community level and Les Carpenter speaks about putting together a report. The last part of the video shows…
A video of children from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (SAMS) in Inuvik singing Christmas songs, jigging, and performing Christmas plays. It also includes some interviews with teachers about the Christmas concert.
A video of interviews with representatives of five departments/organizations in Inuvik about what they’ll be focussing and working on in 1992.
This video shows clips of some programs which aired on Suaangan during the 1992 season.
This video shows youths Jason Gordon, Robert Tookoomie, and Pitsi Pfeifer speaking about their experiences participating in the 1992 Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) which took place in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk. It also includes some scenes from the…
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