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A video of Elders Raddi Koiksak and Edward Ruben speaking in Inuvialuktun.
A video of elders speaking about their lives in the North Slope Boreal Coast and Sam Green sharing a story about when he traveled from Herschel Island to Johnny Green Bay.
A video of elders speaking in Inuvialuktun about Christmases in the past. It also includes some children's Christmas performances.
A video of children from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (SAMS) in Inuvik performing Christmas songs and plays.
The first part of this video shows part of a search and rescue training course that took place in Herschel Island Territorial Park. It includes an interview with the instructor, Wayne Merry, and shows him teaching the participants about using ropes…
A video of Elder Donald Kaglik being interviewed and singing songs he wrote, while accompanying himself on the guitar.
A video of athletes competing and performing in the 23rd annual Northern Games in Tuktoyaktuk and community members being interviewed.
A video of people sending Christmas and New Year's greetings, elders speaking about past Christmases, and part of the Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (SAMS) Christmas concert.
This video shows the third day of the 1992 Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) in Inuvik. It includes clips of different delegates speaking at the conference and is largely in Inuvialuktun without subtitles.
The first part of this video shows clips from the 1992 Inuvik Economic Strategy Session along with interviews with some of the attendees. The second part of the video shows drum dancing performances in Kitti Hall in Tuktoyaktuk.
A video of people and organizations from Inuvik sending Christmas and New Year's greetings.
This video is about the community of Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories. It includes interviews with mayor Les Carpenter and Sachs Harbour Hunters and Trappers Committee (HTC) president Floyd Sydney. It also includes an interview with Lena Wolki,…
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