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A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk as well as some Christmas carols.
A video of a Christmas supper held for elders at the Inuvik Christian Assembly in Inuvik on November 28, 1997.
A video of elders speaking in Inuvialuktun about Christmases in the past and how their grandparents prepared for Christmas.
This is a video of Elder Donald Notaina being interviewed by his son-in-law, Jack Akhiatak. Donald talks about his life and about travelling and hunting with his father when he was a youth. The video also includes Peter Malgokak and Noah Akhiatak…
This is a video of Kaktakniaktoat (Herring Harvest) near Tuktoyaktuk. It includes clips from the harvest and explains the different methods of using nets to harvest herring. It also shows Elder David Nasogaluak talking about how he used to harvest…
This is a video about beluga whaling. It first shows an archaeological dig of an old whaling camp at Cache Point, N.T. and then shows Ned Kayotuk teaching Daniel Apsimik how to hunt beluga whales on the Beaufort Sea at Nalgugiak, East White Fish. It…
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