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A video documenting the 1987 Kingalik Jamboree featuring musical performances, drum dancing, and games.
This is video is divided into three parts: the first depicts the events at the Kiddie Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik, the second discusses tourism in the delta area, and the third is a shorter video with Victor Allen showing the audience how to forage…
Events surrounding the White Fox Jamboree including: jigging contests, games, feast, dog sled racing, and snowmobile racing. The video also features northern landscapes and ends with a small puppet show.
Highlights from the games and races from the 1987 Mad Trapper Rendezvous featuring an interview with James Maring Jr.
A video depicting the events of the Muskrat Jamboree. Highlights include: games, parages, musical performances, hockey, and interviews.
The video begins with an inter view with Ray Ruben about the Ikhalukpik Jamboree. Following that, the video shows highlights of the events at the jamboree including shooting, jigging, and games. The video concludes with an interview with Anges Goose.
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