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A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It includes interviews with founding members, explains the history of ICS, and discusses the newspaper.
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It focuses on the television side of ICS and includes a tribute to the Elders who have contributed to ICS over the past 20 years.
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It honours some of the past staff of ICS and includes drum dancing performances as well as square dancing and jigging.
This is a video of Sandy Wolki telling stories about his life. He talks about the different places he and his family travelled and lived, and how they, and the other Inuvialuit, would hunt, trap, and live off the land. The last part of the video is a…
This is a video about the Dempster Highway, created to celebrate it’s 25th year. It shows scenery from different places on the highway and provides information about stops along the highway.
This is a video of the performance of The Lion King by the students of Moose Kerr School in Aklavik. It includes scenes from the production and interviews with the director, Kelsey Boddington, and stage manager, Sarah Gross.
This video contains profiles of Floyd Roland, MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake, and Roger Allen, MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes. They talk about their backgrounds, how they got involved in politics, the work they’ve been doing as MLAs, and what they’ll be…
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