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A video of Elder Colin Harry (aka Isaugan) telling stories about his life. He talks about being adopted, going to school, hunting, trapping, and herding reindeer.
A video of Elder Persis Gruben (aka Persus Gruben) speaking about her experiences growing up and moving around to different places in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about how her family built shelters and what it was like to go to…
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It focuses on the television side of ICS and includes a tribute to the Elders who have contributed to ICS over the past 20 years.
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It honours some of the past staff of ICS and includes drum dancing performances as well as square dancing and jigging.
A video Bryan Trottier's tour of the ISR which shows images and clips from the communities he visited as well as Bryan speaking about his visit.
A video about the Elder Day Program at the Inuvik Regional Hospital which includes interviews with Jane McCarney (Coordinator, Elder Day Program) and Colette Sampson (Recreation Coordinator, Elder Day Program), as well as clips of Elders…
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