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This is a video of an interview with elder Emma Dick who talks about what it was like living in the Delta and on the coast. She talks about how they used to hunt, trap, and live off the land.
This is a video of different musical performances which took place near the boat launch in Inuvik, Northwest Territories to celebrate the spring ice breakup.
This video contains interviews with two Elders: Olga Roland and Nora Hayulaq. Olga talks about her life living around the Mackenzie Delta and Nora talks about her life living in Alaska and the Canadian North.
This video is part one of the Regional Justice Conference which took place in the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.
This is a video of Elder Sheba Selamio (Qarrun) being interviewed about her life. She talks about where she lived, how she travelled, how she gathered and prepared food, and the people she knew. The last few minutes of the video shows the Barrow…
This is a video of Elder Hilda Irish talking about her life and sharing advice.
This is a video about athlete Irwin Elias from Tuktoyaktuk. It includes interviews with him, clips of him playing various sports, and a performance of him singing a country song while playing guitar.
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