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A video of bloopers from Suaangan.
A video Bryan Trottier's tour of the ISR which shows images and clips from the communities he visited as well as Bryan speaking about his visit.
This video is about the Ingamo Hall Friendship Center in Inuvik. It begins with some history about Ingamo Hall and then focuses on the traditional activities offered for youth in the community. It includes an interview with Kristin McDonald,…
This is a video of the graduation ceremony for the Aurora College-Yukon College Early Childhood Development Certificate program and high school graduate, Angus Dillon. It was held at Angik School in Paulatuk, Northwest Territories and includes…
The first part of this video is about the history of Aklavik, and the second part of the video is about the Gwich’in and Inuvialuktun language programs at Moose Kerr School in Aklavik. It includes interviews with instructors Brenda Benoit and…
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from people and corporations of the Beaufort Delta as well as some Christmas carols sung by different groups.
This video shows a tour of Inuvik’s new hospital, including interviews with staff who explain the different departments and equipment.
This video shows clips of some of the beneficiary profiles which aired on Suaangan throughout the season. The video ends by showing clips from the 2002 Arctic Winter Games in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
This video, about gun registration in the North, provides information about how to register firearms and shows clips of residents of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) giving their opinions about the registry.
This video, about self-government in the Beaufort Delta, includes an overview of how the Inuvialuit and Gwich'in practiced self-government in the past, how they are currently governed, and how they would like their government to be run in the future.…
This is a video about the National Inuit Youth Council (NIYC) summit which took place in Inuvik on February 1-4, 2002. It includes interviews with some of the youth and youth counsellors who attended.
This video is a profile of Gordon Norberg, Manager of Marketing and Traffic Coordination West for the Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL). It includes background information about NTCL; Gordon talking about his life and work; and a short…
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