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A video about the Elder Day Program at the Inuvik Regional Hospital which includes interviews with Jane McCarney (Coordinator, Elder Day Program) and Colette Sampson (Recreation Coordinator, Elder Day Program), as well as clips of Elders…
A video of elders speaking in Inuvialuktun about Christmases in the past and how their grandparents prepared for Christmas.
This is a video of the performance of The Lion King by the students of Moose Kerr School in Aklavik. It includes scenes from the production and interviews with the director, Kelsey Boddington, and stage manager, Sarah Gross.
This is a video about the Dempster Highway, created to celebrate it’s 25th year. It shows scenery from different places on the highway and provides information about stops along the highway.
A video celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICS. It honours some of the past staff of ICS and includes drum dancing performances as well as square dancing and jigging.
This video, about self-government in the Beaufort Delta, begins with a brief review of the timeline of events from 1984, when the Inuvialuit and Canada signed the first land claim agreement in the Northwest Territories, to the signing of the…
This video is part one of an Arctic Borderlines Ecological Co-op meeting in Kaktovik, Alaska. Some issues addressed include whaling for bowhead and beluga, possible effects the oil and gas industry may have on the environment, and community…
This video is part two of an Arctic Borderlines Ecological Co-op meeting in Kaktovik, Alaska. It focuses on how the porcupine caribou herd are affected by development, and includes questions from concerned members of the community.
This video shows clips of some of the beneficiary profiles which aired on Suaangan throughout the season.
This video is about a Regional Heritage Resource Survey that was conducted in the Mackenzie Delta region. It includes a meeting led by Kathy Bausch, an archaeologist with Inuvialuit Environmental and Geotechnical (IEG), which was held to explain the…
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from Inuvik.
This is a video of the Honourable Vince Steen talking about his life and involvement in politics.
This video is a profile of Pauline Gordon, Deputy Minister Department of Health & Social Services. She talks about how she became Deputy Minister and about the different aspects of her present position.
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