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Musical performances and dog races from the 2003 Mad Trapper Rendevous in Aklavik. Dean McLeod receives an award for his dedication to the community.
A video of Wanda Norwegian being interviewed about her job with NorTerra Inc., her previous job experiences, and what NorTerra does.
A video of elders being interviewed about dog mushing in the Beaufort Delta Region.
A video of Geddes Wolki being interviewed about his training to become an engineer, his duties at Weldco, and his family and community.
A video of three RCMP officers speaking about why they joined the force, their favourite duties, challenges, and advice for youth interested in joining the RCMP. At the end of the video, a portion of Suaangan’s 2001 Bloopers Program is shown.
A video of NorTerra Inc. employees being interviewed about the history of NorTerra and what its subsidiary companies do.
The 2002 Petroleum Show held at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex in Inuvik
The first half of this video is an interview with Glenna Hansen, Commissioner of the NWT. She recalls her childhood growing up in Aklavik and her current career. The second half of the video depicts the events frfom the 2000 Mad Trapper Rendezvous.
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