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A video of Elders from the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta areas (who have passed away) telling stories from their past.
This is a video of Elder William Kagyut and Elder Jean Kagyut talking about how they grew up on the land. They talk about hunting, fishing, food preservation, and some of the places they lived.
A video of Elder Persis Gruben (aka Persus Gruben) speaking about her experiences growing up and moving around to different places in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). She talks about how her family built shelters and what it was like to go to…
A video of elders being interviewed about dog mushing in the Beaufort Delta Region.

03 01 T Christmas Greetings 2002-H
A video of people expressing Christmas and New Year's greetings to friends and family in Inuvialuktun and English.
This is a video about the Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament held in Ulukhaktok in July of 2002. The video begins with an explanation of who Billy Joss was, then it shows people golfing in the tournament and the awards ceremony after the…
This video contains interviews with two Elders: Olga Roland and Nora Hayulaq. Olga talks about her life living around the Mackenzie Delta and Nora talks about her life living in Alaska and the Canadian North.

02 04 T Bar 2 Cleanup-H
A video about local concerns regarding environmental contaminants during the cleanup of the Bar-2 DEW Line site near Shingle Point, Yukon.
This video depicts the 2002 Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik featuring interviews and a brief history of the carnival.
A video of Christmas and New Year's greetings sent from people in Aklavik and performances from old Moose Kerr School Christmas concerts.
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