Lois Ross Photo Collections

The Lois Ross Photo Collections covers two collections: the first collection covers the Fairbanks Eskimo Olympics, that include Northern Games, Drum Dance groups, and and show cases some art displays and exhibits. It also includes some northern games and a festival in Inuvik, The second collection covers Lois Ross private photos.

The Northern Games featured in this collection includes:

  • High Kick
  • Double High Kick
  • Arm Pull
  • Stick Pull
  • One Arm Reach
  • Move on Rear End 
  • Body Weight Contest
  • Ear Weight Contest
  • Tea Boiling contest
  • Back Push
  • Finger Pull
  • Airplane
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Kayak Race
  • Skinning
  • Blanket Toss

 The Drum Dance Groups / Singing Groups featured in this collection includes:

  • Mackenzie Delta Dancers/Drummers
  • Cambridge Bay Dancers/Drummers
  • Pelly Bay Dancers/Drummers
  • Chilkoot Dancers/Drummers
  • Minto Dance Group(Indian)
  • The Cheechako Singers


Use of the following photographs is restricted. For permission to utilize them, please contact the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre (ICRC), Inuvik, NWT. The following credits should always be mentioned: © I.C.R.C