Inuvik and Surrounding Areas Photo Collection

Photos from Inuvik and the surrounding areas. A few areas include Aklavik, Tuk, Atkinson Point, Herschel Island, and Pine Point. As well as places on the land including the Mackenzie River, Ren Lake, Tundra Fire, and another Lake. 

The photo's from Inuvik display:

  • Crew Cutting Logs
  • Photos of the Town
  • Parade Photos
  • Classroom Photos

Photos from Aklavik display:

  • Aklavik Tannery
  • Photos of the tow

Photos from Tuk display:

  • Craft Shop
  • Dewline Station near Tuk
  • Also Atkinson Point DEW line site

Photos on the land:

  • Mackenzie River, Varies spots
  • Ren Lake, Open slaughter of caribou
  • Tundra Fire, Aerial photo of the fire
  • Another Lake that was used for whale research.

Photos from Herschel Island:

  • Sod Houses
  • Whaling photos