Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope Inuvialuit Oral History - Slides and Pictures

Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope

    Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park, approximately 5 kilometres off the north coast of the Yukon, was established in 1987 as a result of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. Its main purposes are the conservation of wildlife and habitat, protection of the heritage resources and allowing for traditional use. The island is part of the Yukon North Slope and is subject to a number of agreements concerning management of resources. Continued co-operation with the Inuvialuit, various levels of government and other agencies is very important.

    This 116 square kilometre, low-lying, treeless island and its surrounding waters support healthy wildlife populations and large numbers of migratory birds. People have used the area for hunting, shelter and as a meeting place for many centuries. Whalers were the first Europeans to use the island, starting in the 1890s. Significant historic and prehistoric sites remain. 

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