Charles Rowan Photo Collection

Images depict Hudson's Bay Company buildings and personnel at Fort Collinson, Gjoa Haven and Tuktoyaktuk.

Charles V. Rowan was born in Guben, Germany in 1892. He entered the service of the Hudson's Bay Company on May 15, 1926 where he traveled aboard the "Bay Maud" enroute to the Western Arctic and his first posting at Perry River, where he was Post Manager from 1926-1929.

In 1929, he was transferred to Fort Collinson where he operated the Hudson's Bay Company post from June until October 1929, until resigning from the Hudson's Bay Company in October. He rejoined the Hudson's Bay Company in July 1930 and went to King William Land until 1932. He was then transferred to Fort Collinson until 1936. Between 1937-1938, Rowan was post manager at Fort Collinson, Tuktoyaktuk and finally ended his career with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1939 while post manager at Baille Island. He resigned from service on August 14, 1939 and became the owner and operator of the Boston Bar Hotel in British Columbia. He died in British Columbia 1978. 

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