Community Photographs - Ulukhaktok

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Line of dogs in Ulukhaktok
Line of dogs tethered outside in front of house on a winter day in Ulukhaktok

Polar Bear hunters in Ulukhaktok
Photos of two Polar Bear hunters posing on sled in front of hanging Polar Bear skin

Community of Ulukhaktok
Photo of a house and dogs in foreground with houses and hills further in background

Schooner in Ulukhaktok
Photo of a schooner ashore in Uukhaktok with dogs beside and setting sun in distance

Community of Ulukhaktok
Photos of the community of Ulukhaktok from a distance with a graveyard in foreground

Snow formation in Ulukhatok
Photo of an snow and ice formation in front of houses in Ulukhatok

Hunters' harvest in Ulukhaktok
Photo of hunters' hanging polar bear skin, harvested caribou and sleds in front of a house in Ulukhaktok

Schooner ashore in Ulukhaktok
Photo of a schooner ashore at left in foreground and with houses of Ulukhaktok in the background

Photo of two houses by the the ocean inlet in Ulukhaktok during winter 1976

Ulukhaktok and Schooner
Photo of the community of Ulukhaktok in the distance with a schooner ashore in foreground at the right


Community Photographs - Ulukhaktok


February 1976


Photos of and around Ulukhaktok, "Holman", in February of 1976


Community of Ulukhaktok


Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada

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"Binder 4", Binder collection of film slides

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