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In March 1999, a group of students travelled to a Bush camp in the Mackenzie Delta from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School as a part of the cultural activities for young students. Also, Leonard Harry talks to Robert Kuptana in the studio.

Elisa Hart and Don Gardner discuss artifacts and the survival of Kitigaaryuit, the traditional whaling camp west of Tuktuyuktuk.

Canadian North is an Aboriginal Company under Norterra. This video discusses the operations of Canadian North, the airline industry, and Great Northern Arts Festival.

Elder Joe Nasogaluak Sr. reaches back into his memory to inform on the cultural artifacts of Kitigaaryuit. The video ends with Audrea Loreen discussing commercial art and musical performance.

A video capturing the IRC Hockey Cup that includes teams from across the McKinley Delta. Plus, an interview with Tuktoyaktuk Elder Cora Kimiksana in Inuvialuktun.

Children are shown indigenous traditional knowledge like ice fishing, trapping, etc. at Huskey Lakes.

The 2000 Drum Dance Festival at Kiti Hall in Tuktoyaktuk showcases each group and shares the spirit of friendship and teaches the younger generations.

A video of competitors from the Northwest Territories being interviewed about and competing in the 2000 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse.

Interviews with Pauline Gordon, Fred Alunuk, and Edward Ruben followed by musical performances and jigging.

Two segments: one where Gabe Angre tells of is experiences with the land and the other with the sod turning for the site of the new hospital in Inuvik.

A video of competitors from the Northwest Territories being interviewed about and competing in the 2000 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse.

Samuel Hearne Secondary School (SHSS) celebrates excellence from all walks of life with their annual achievement awards for the year 2000.

The drama department of Samuel Hearne Secondary School in Inuvik staged (SHSS) their own version of Anne of Green Gables. This is the first part of the production.

Freddy Rogers teaches two children how to harvest animals off of the land.

History of the Dempster highway featuring interviews and tourist highlights.

Inuvik elder Ishmael Alunik tells of his life growing up in the northern Yukon and the delta area.

Students from the Youth Committee head out to the Mackenzie Delta to experience first hand basic survival skills as taught to them by an Inuvialuit Elder. Also, they will give them some instruction on what to do if your Skidoo breaks down on you when…

A video which shows performances of the Point Barrow Dancers at the 30th Annual Northern Games in Inuvik.

A video of the opening ceremonies, speeches, and a blanket toss from the 2000 Northern Games in Inuvik.

Freddy Rogers describes and demonstrates the skills and knowledge needed to live off of the land.

Recording of the question and answer period of the 2001 Annual General Meeting of the Inuvik Community Corporation.

Profiles of some of the Inuvik businesses that had booths at the Career Day held in the fall of 2000.

Martha Harry tells of how the whale is prepared for cooking and using in the future.

The highlights of how the people bring in the season with the MacKenzie Jamboree in Tsiigehtchic. Later, we will talk to some census to find out what they’re doing in the North.

Jim Guthrie (Arctic Oil and Gas Services), Rob Hunt (Akita Drilling), and Nellie Cournoyea discuss the recent renewal of interest in the north from oil and gas companies.


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