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Holding Laura
A photo of Sarah Meyook holding Laura, with Jimmy to her right and Fred on the house in the background.

Guy Hologak
A photo of Guy Hologak readingInuvialuitmagazine.

Aboriginal Support Group Banner
A photo of three people holding up a banner for the Aboriginal Support Group.

Aboriginal Support Group
A photo of Wayne Goose, an Aboriginal Support Group member.

Shaking Hands
A photo of a group of people around a table, and two of the people are shaking hands. The photo includes John Banksland, Sharon Gruben, Roger Gruben, Agnes Semmler, Agnes Nanogak, and Anita Pokiak.

Clara Gully and Agnes Semmler
A photo of Clara Gully and Agnes Semmler at Jim Koe Park.

Aklavik Trapping Workshop
A photo of Brad Firth at the Aklavik Trapping Workshop.

Trapping Workshop
A photo of a man presenting at the Aklavik Trapping Workshop.

President Billy Day
A photo a three people sitting at a table with COPE (Committee for Original People's Entitlement) president Billy Day. From left to right: Albert Elias, Billy Day, Shirley Kisoun, and Glen Carpenter.

Albert Elias
A photo of Albert Elias sitting in a boat and holding a fishing rod.

First Iqalukpik Jamboree Banner
A photo of a banner for the first annual Iqalukpik Jamboree.

Cutting Jamboree Cake
A photo of Albert Palvik and Ruth Nigeonak cutting a cake.

Drum Dance Group
A photo of the Mackenzie Drum Dance Group performing. The photo includes Alec Gordon, Priscilla Kayotuk, Colin Gordon, Robert Arey, Andrew Gordon, Danny A. Gordon, and Alec Gordon.

Alice Husky
A photo of Alice Husky sitting on the floor and holding a knife in her hand with musical instruments in the background.

Giving Award
A photo of Andy Carpenter shaking Wallace Goose's hand and giving him an award.

Family and Award
A photo of Wallace Goose holding an award with his family and Andy Carpenter.

Anne B. Gordon and Danny A. Gordon
A photo of Anne B. Gordon and Danny A. Gordon kissing on a couch and holding a heart-shaped cake.

Dancing Around a Chair
A photo of three people dancing around a chair. The photo includes: Julia Edwards and Annie B. Gordon.

Table of Crafts
A photo of several people looking at a table full of crafts. The photo includes Donna Ann Rogers and Annie C. Gordon.

Annie C. Gordon
A photo of Annie C. Gordon playing with strings in her hands.

Annie Goose
A photo of Annie Goose speaking into a microphone and reading from paper notes when she worked for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Assistant Executive Director
A photo of COPE (Committee for Original People's Entitlement) assistant executive director Bill Goose speaking into a microphone.

Bob and Brian Gully
A photo of Bob and Brian Gully.

Laying out Bowhead Meat
A photo of Titus Allen (left) and Abba (Abraham) Dick (right) working with bowhead whale meat on logs.

Bowhead Meat
A photo of the remains of a bowhead whale.


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